Cooking isn’t my favorite

Being an artsy family has its pros and cons.  One of the cons is that cooking is pretty low on the list of priorities. Who wants to cook when you can quilt, play piano or take photos?  We’ve all gotta eat, though, so I’m always looking for short cuts to make cooking easy and quick. 

On my most recent trip to the store, Tom asked me to pick up some quick and easy meals for his lunches for work.  He suggested canned ravioli.  Yuck.  But, okay, it’s your lunch. 


Aldi has been our store of choice lately.  I like the prices and the fact that I can shop in 30 minutes without having to make choices between brands.  But, when I looked at the label of the ravioli, I was kinda grossed out.  Not only were the calories high, who knows how many preservatives are in there, not to mention the “mystery” meat.

Plus, I know Tom.  Although the label says it serves “about 2”, he’s going to eat the whole can, which doubles the calories, sodium and fat. This seemed to be a 69 cent can of evil.  I decided I could not feed this to my husband!  I needed to find a healthier yet quick replacement to canned ravioli.


Instant Ravioli

I grabbed a jar of spaghetti sauce, a set of freezer containers and a bag of frozen ravioli (I had to head to Pick N Save for this).  I think the cost was about $8 for everything.



When I got home from the store I immediately started on my food project.  After washing the freezer containers, I divided the frozen ravioli in 4 containers, which was about 10 raviolis in each. Then I popped open the spaghetti sauce and poured it over top.



I added the covers and, voila, four lunches ready for the freezer!  I swear it only took me about 5 minutes and it cost less than $2 a meal. Easy peasy! Plus the fat, calories and sodium all came down to a much healthier choice.  Sigh of relief.



Now, back to the sewing machine for the real fun.


Do you have an easy meal to share with me?  I’m always looking for ideas for this crazy family.  Share your ideas below in the comments.

Artfully sewing,

Angela Jean



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