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My shorts are too short.

Now that I'm over 40, *ahem* my shorts are too short. No, I didn't grow taller, mind you. I just had 3 kids who blessed my legs with varicose veins. They add the wrong kind of color to my legs and resemble raw bratwurst, especially in the early summer. No one wants to...

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How to use coffee filters as a stabilizer

One of the reasons I love selling on Etsy is the community. Whenever I have a question, whether about quilting, selling, shipping or fabric, Etsy's forums is often the place I find my answer. One time when I was searching the discussions I found someone who talked...

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Walk by Faith Sketch for Art Quilt

This image has been tickling my imagination for a long while. I finally got to sketch it out on paper today and will soon turn it into an art quilt. I was inspired by Hebrews 11:1, "Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.".  I like...

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My Next Quilt

I've decided that my next big quilt is going to be based on our 5 original chickens. From left to right, Ruby, Ms White, Woody, Golda and Dottie. We refer to them as the Fabulous Five.  Only Golda is left, poor dears. But I loved them dearly and they will make a...

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Quilt in Process…

I've been going through my ufos (un-finished objects). I found this quilt top I pieced a couple years ago. Poor thing has been sitting in a box on my top shelf. So I blew off the dust and unpacked it.  I'm determinded to finish it and bring it back to life. The colors...

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