Now that I’m over 40, *ahem* my shorts are too short. No, I didn’t grow taller, mind you. I just had 3 kids who blessed my legs with varicose veins. They add the wrong kind of color to my legs and resemble raw bratwurst, especially in the early summer. No one wants to see that!

Those of you who follow me on Pinterest probably have a clue what I’m thinking because of my recent pins.

I’m going to combine these shorts:


With this skirt:


Yes, I know I can’t use the leg excuse on this skirt, but it has always been too long for this shorty as well as too tight in the waist.

My plan is to combine the two into a folksy skirt for me and to make the top of the skirt that’s too tight for me into a cute skirt for my 10 year old daughter, Nora.

My goal is to finish it by Saturday night.

Gotta get to work!

Artfully sewing,

Angela Jean

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