Wisconsin is cold in the winter, but this is ridiculous. My thermometer read -15 degrees this past week and the wind chill made it feel like -49 degrees! I don’t remember it ever being this cold. Ever.

Light bulb!

So when I made tea this morning, I wanted it to stay hot. Really hot. I have been meaning to make a tea cosy for my teapot, but hadn’t gotten around to it.

Quick Tea Cosy out of a Mug Rug

For my birthday my mom had made me some mug rugs. They are very nice for breakfast tea and muffins. The backside is made from a soft flannel which makes it insulated. I figured I could spare one for a re-purposed project. I headed to my sewing machine to make a tea cosy before my tea cooled off.


Impromptu Project

Quick Tea Cosy out of a Mug Rug

I had some hair elastics I keep on hand for various projects. I grabbed four of them, one for each corner.



I attached them securely with a zig zag stitch and trimmed the loose threads.

5 Minutes later…

Quick Tea Cosy out of a Mug Rug

Quick Tea Cosy out of a Mug Rug

With my tea pot in the middle, I looped the elastics around the top of the cover.

3e0fd-quickcosy09And, voila! A Quicky Tea Cosy!

And my tea wasn’t even cooled off yet.

This project took me like 5 minutes. So quick. And I re-purposed a really cute thing I will use day after day.

If you don’t have a mug rug, how about a pot holder or thick towel? Keep thinking and adapting to your own style.


 Now my tea will stay warm, even in the sub-zero weather.

Do you have a good re-purposed idea?  Post it below!


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