My daughter, N.J. is in a growth spurt. It seems that as soon as I buy her clothes she grows on the way home from the store and they’re too small. That’s what happened with these jeans.


N.J. only wore these a couple times before she outgrew them.

Of course we discovered this when we were in a desperate place, packing for vacation. N.J. needed pants and shorts for the trip. Although these fit in the waist, they were snug in the thighs and were already turning into high waters. I had bought them at Goodwill based on size only. Lesson learned. Between the two of us, we brainstormed and decided these jeans should be sacrificed and be transformed into shorts.

I started by cutting them off just above the knees. To give her more room in the thighs I took out the outside seam up to the bottom of the pocket. N.J. picked out a very cute piece of cotton fabric that I inserted into the side seam and I hemed them up. We both squealed with delight when I pulled them off the sewing machine.


Sew easy! I bet it took me 15 minutes. I repurposed a pair of jeans AND saved us money on new clothes PLUS saved time shopping.

Do you have any ideas for repurposing clothes? Please share them with me and keep sewing!

Artfully sewing,

Angela Jean

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