Saturday is the big day – the Sigma Holiday House arts & crafts show! I’ve only done one other show, which was a few years ago, so I decided to set up a trial run in my dinning room.

Just the Right Size

For the past few months I’ve been using my enclosed summer porch as a display area.  Since the weather had been so cold and the space isn’t ideal, I moved the dining table into the living room and moved in my display. Sorry family! You’ll get your space back next week.


Using a tape measure and blue painter’s tape I marked off my allotted space: a wopping 10′ X 5′. I am so glad I measured exactly because I estimated when on the summer porch and I was off a bit. It’s amazing how much a few inches can make.

Adding Inventory

After setting up my walls, moving the table a few times and adjusting the angles I finally came up with a good display arrangement. I even have room for Miss Woodwire, my homemade dress form. My daughter, Nora thought of the appropriate name for her.


My Artfully Sew Store displayed in my dining room.


Miss Woodwire is looking cute in her new display.


Taking pictures will help me set up quickly. Speaking of which, I’d better
pack it up. Set up is tomorrow!

Artfully sewing,

Angela Jean

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