As you may have noticed, I have been MIA lately. This past month I’ve been taking a hard look at my little at-home business, making some decisions and setting new goals for Artfully Sew.

Part of this fine tuning (foreshadowing) comes from a big change in my life. In December I started a new job, working at music store in a nearby town. As some of you know, I am a musician and former music teacher. This job enables me to use my musical skills to help others and interact with people again. The financial stability has been a huge relief in my life, turning Artfully Sew from the “bitchy boss” back into my “golden child”.

First of all, don’t worry – I am not shutting down! I will continue to run Artfully Sew by making YouTube videos, running my website and offering quilting services. But, I am choosing to be more selective with the amount of projects I book as well as the TYPES of projects I undertake.

Current Services

These are the services I will continue to offer at Artfully Sew:


  • Bring your finished quilt top (and backing) to Artfully Sew for professional, free-hand quilting on my Gammill long-arm machine.
  • My specialty is custom, one-of-a-kind quilting designs on both bed quilts and art quilts. Prices are determined by the size of the quilts and the complexity of the design. 


As I’ve taken a good look at my goals, I keep coming back to my motto, “You CAN Artfully Sew!”. This business is for YOU to learn how to sew, especially in the areas of quilting and upcycling. Although I could do it for you, my goal is for YOU to learn how to do it. That means I had to remove a few services.

  1. No more T-shirt quilts. Sorry folks, T-shirt quilts are just too time consuming to make it worth your money and my time. (Hint, classes coming soon!)
  2. Antique quilt repair. Although this is something I do enjoy and am very passionate about, it no longer falls under my categories of service. (Hint, classes coming soon!)

Please note:

Even though I won’t make T-shirt quilts or repair antique quilts, I am willing to quilt (or re-quilt) them because it falls under “Long-Arm Quilting”. They just have to be finished and ready for quilting before booking.

Artfully Sew: Where we get creative with sewing, quilting and up cycling projects.

Sewing/Quilting Consultation, Coaching Sessions & Group Classes


For those of you who were counting on ordering a T-shirt quilt for the second (or third or fourth) graduate, and others who wanted to get Grandma’s quilt repaired, check out these services under Quilting/Sewing Consultation, Coaching & Classes.

  1. Schedule a Consultation (1 time appointment)
    • Bring in your project so I can take a look at what needs to be done, make any suggestions for repair/finishing and help you set up a written plan of action so you are able to finish your project at home. The consultation usually takes between 45 minutes – 2 hours and costs $25 ($10 each additional hour)*. Supplies and use of sewing tools are an extra charge.
  2. Schedule Coaching Sessions (2 – 3 sessions)
    • Schedule one-on-one coaching sessions to work on more time consuming projects. Actually work on your project in my studio as I coach you through finishing your project. You may opt for “homework assignments” to work at your own house to get further before your next coaching session, or just choose to keep your project in my studio and finish as you can. Each coaching session is $25 the first hour, $10 each additional hour.* Price resets for each additional day scheduled. Supplies and use of sewing tools are an extra charge.
  3. Take a Class (1 – 3 sessions)
    • This option is still in process, but I am hoping to offer classes every other month or so for different projects (T-shirt bags, zipper pouches, scrappy angels) as well as learning different skills (hand-embroidery, creative patches for clothing, quilting on a domestic machine). Most classes will be 1 day, but I am considering offering multiple sessions for more intricate classes such as making T-shirt quilts, planning your first patchwork quilt and more. Price of class TBD.
  4. Watch an Artfully Sew YouTube Video (FREE!)
    • Making tutorial videos has become a surprisingly joyful part of what I do at Artfully Sew. Currently I have about 15 different videos from antique quilt repair to clothing upcycle to thrift store shopping. Click on this list: Artfully Sew YouTube Videos, to see if you get the help you need to finish your project.

*Prices as of January 2022 and are subject to change.

Angela of Artfully Sew used fabric scraps to make a patch for a pair of jeans.

Need a quick peek at your project?

Sometimes you just want to know if it’s worth your while to finish or repair a project. I do give free 15 minute in-person consultations. Call/text/email to schedule. You may alternatively email pictures of your project for a quick peek, but keep in mind it will only answer if I think it’s worth proceeding with the project, not necessarily HOW to finish or fix it.


Lastly, I wanted to address you non-sewers out there. I see you. I know sewing may not be your thing or you just don’t have the time to do it. Sew, here are some choices for you (see what I did there? 🪡)

  1. Learn to sew
    • That was not meant to be cheeky, but honestly, it is one of your options. It’s never too late to learn, never too hard to try. I am a teacher by nature and am here for you if you want me to walk you through it. 
  2. Enlist a family member or friend
    • Offer to pay for an Artfully Sew consultation, coaching session or class for a friend or family member who can finish your project for you. I especially suggest this option for those of you who were planning on ordering a T-shirt quilt. Does your sister, father-in-law, grandma, best friend like to sew? Ask them if you could book sessions for them at Artfully Sew. It would probably make the quilt even more special if made by someone close to you. Plus they would be learning a wonderful skill – think about it!

Do you have a suggestion for an Artfully Sew class? Please, let me know what you want to learn!

If you hung in this long and read to the end, THANK YOU! You are one of my loyal companions, I’m sure. Let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or comments. I welcome any input.

Just keep sewing and remember, you CAN Artfully Sew!

Artfully sewing,


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